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What is GoldTeak?

GoldTeak Reduces Poverty and Global Warming while helping to re-establish a diminishing resource and earn a good long-term profit. In other words GoldTeak is Economically, Environmentally AND Socially Responsible Project.

GoldTeak introduces a new model that will produce a good profit for its investors and stakeholders, create real long-term jobs, develop the infrastructure of rural villages and build long term sustainability through mixed ‘agro-forestry’ that combines profit making teak plantations with the agricultural and forestry needs of the local community.


By incorporating a chess board planting strategy, GoldTeak creates small plantations that incorporate local villages. These plantations can be imagined to be laid out like a chessboard, with the black squares being planted with profit-generating Teak and other trees and the white squares designated for local produce and housing.

The villagers are profit sharing stakeholders in the project and the village itself benefits annually with money delegated to the local public facilities like schools and churches. The project balances the size of the plantation with the size of the local village, providing ample jobs and long-term sustainability, with long-term profit for investors and local stakeholders. This strategy offers opportunities for the rural communities to be involved in the global commerce with international investors supporting the effort in exchange for high profit returns on a long term investment and involvement in carbon emissions reductions.

So, for an investment which will appreciate steadily and is immune to the volatility of other markets consider putting your capital into the ground.

For the price of an automobile you can own land on a teak tree plantation in the Indonesian paradise. It can represent a tangible, satisfying investment whose ecological impact can make its owner feel proud.

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