Local Teaks in Bumisari

Bumisari Village is located about 50 km from Pelabuhan Ratu beach, to reach this village we have to drive through Cikidang area (there are tea, rubber and palm oil plantation in Cikidang). Most of the people in Bumisari plant rice or cassava, they sell their harvest to local collectors. Because the collectors bring the harvest by using trucks, most of the road is in bad condition. Recently, local government fixed the road. Although they did not fix the whole road, but at least to reach teak plantation does not take long time.


It is very interesting when we compare the local teak and Solomon teak. Local teak has more branches and the trunk size is quite different, Solomon has less branches and straight trunk. Local teak has darker color and more leaves. The trees does not grow at the same time, we can find one tree grows well doe not although they were planted at the same time. For local teak, Indonesian people like to call “Hutan Jati” or teak forest than “Perkebunan Jati” or teak plantation.

It makes sense, because when we enter the local teak plantation, we found the irregularity of the trees. There is a question, does it mean that Solomon is better than local teak? The answer is local teak & Solomon teak has different characteristic and for the quality and price, the market has answered that Solomon is more expensive because it has a better quality.




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