Bamboo to Protect the Land Slide

Waiting the government’s support will take time, the road to the village is already broken in
some areas. Cibening people and some of Goldteak’s workers worked together to repair the
road. If they did not repair the road, the damage will be bigger and wider and they can not ride
or drive the vehicles.

Bamboo is easy to get and not necessary to buy, we can find easily near the teak plantation, it is
used to hold the land from erosion. Bamboo does not stand for long time, but at least people
can pass the road during the rainy season. People can ride and drive their vehicles to or from
the village.

The road is almost 4 Km long, it has been broken for several times, people often repaired it by
giving more sand, stones and sometimes it was cemented in critical area. But when the rainy
season comes, the road is broken again because of land slide or the soil is away by the water.
People always worked together with Goldteak guardians to repair it before the local
government come to help.



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