Books, Sweets, Biscuits and Milk

The children from the villages do not have proper and decent places
for studying and playing. They do not connect with Information and
Technology, mostly they study in a very simple school building or
houses without electricity, they have very limited books.

The village do not have a playground and the school also do not have
a big yard, so when they need an empty place to play football,
they go to the other village. In rainy season, they can swim in the
river or walking in the rain when they go home after school.
They can play marbles or kites in windy time, or just go to the rice field
to find the ducks’ eggs and freshwater snails.

Children who live in Cibening village are luckier than the children from
other villages. They have a small yard in front of the school and they
can plant some vegetables to share with their parents, they do not have
a library but they always receive many books (story books and science books)
from PT Goldteak. Their teachers also help them to be creative to produce
recycled things.

When there were some guests coming and brought them candy or biscuit or milk
or an ice cream, the children could not hide their smile and their excitement.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
(Dalai Lama)

Children in Kebun

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