Children and the Nature

Cibening village is surrounded by hills and plains, the hills are covered by Teaks and the plains are covered by rice and cassava. All the way to the village, there are cassava and rice fields on both sides, looks green. When the rainy season ends, the weeds and the grass look yellow and brown. Usually when the harvest is over, children play ball and play kites on the dry fields.

There is a small bridge over a river that is not too wide. When the Summer comes, only stones are on the ground, it has no water and no fish. We can find fish when River has plenty of water during rainy season.
The villagers live in simple houses, the wall has half concrete and half bamboo. They plant fruit trees and herbal plants at their yards. They mostly use herbal plants instead of medicine.

Goats, chickens and ducks are much nurtured, when boys are looking for grass, girls are often more likely to help feed the chickens and ducks.


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