Children Like Kebun

The site manager, Zaini, always drives a pickup truck to Kebun., and when passing through Cibening village, the children always follow his car to go up the hill to Kebun.

What attracts children’s attention to Kebun? The beautiful scenery and fresh air make them happy to play there, the sound of birds and frogs make them cheerful. The children like to see Parid’s goats, chickens and ducks, sometimes they feed them.
They also see many fruit trees are flowering and fruitful. They find many vegetable crops like chili, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin and string bean.

The environment in Kebun is different from the village, the tree canopies move beautifully every time the wind blows the trees.
Although children do not yet understand about economic values but they understand that Kebun is green, beautiful and peaceful.

Every time the children play in Kebun, they are exited and curios about new things which appears in Kebun. Kebun with trees have made the young children live with hope, joy and good future. Their songs, their steps and their laughs have been coloring Cibening village. Zaini never forget to bring candy and Parid’s wife always give them fried banana or boiled sweet potato.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree along time ago” (Warren Buffett)

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