Dedicate A Tree


Dedicate GoldTeak Tree with Certificate

Dedication will be part of a sponsorship program, estimate the amount of carbon potentially sequestered by the trees planted. This is of tremendous interest to companies in the Energy and Petroleum Sector who wish to enter their carbon credits on to the Voluntary Challenge Registry.

All participants in this program are given a Carbon Certificate signed by a Registered Professional Forester legitimizing the plantings of the trees, their location and the estimate of the tonnes of carbon potentially sequestered.

Carbon Neutrality

GoldTeak encourages the running of your office, home, conference, trade show or meeting be “carbon neutral”. By this we mean that the amount of carbon generated (through travel, heating, lights etc.) be offset through the planting (“afforestation”) of trees.

We can assist your group in the calculation of carbon expenditure as well as calculating the amount of trees required to offset this amount of carbon. You can do this yourself as well by calculating your consumption through the calculator in the climate change program website, taking that number and returning to our workbook to calculate the number of trees needed to work out the offset.

Please contact us if you are interested. To date we have assisted a number of conferences achieve carbon neutrality.

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