Fire in the Neighboring Land

The dry season has begun since the beginning of September, the wind that blows also feels hot.
Teaks look brown, and the soil feels barren because the dried leaves are falling.

The well water starts to dry up, even though there can only be a bath and wash around. The
workers take water to cook and drink in the spring located on a hill.

When the rainy season almost arrived, many farmers in Cibening village burn the remains of their
stem, so that when the rain fall, their rice fields are ready to be planted with rice seeds. This
burning is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, but for the
security, this has been banned and village heads often give counseling to farmers not to burn.

Goldteak workers conduct day and night supervision to prevent fires in the area. To avoid a fire,
things that need to be prepared have already been done. Alternating guards, making simple tools
to extinguish fires, also provide knowledge to neighbors who have fields around the plantation
not to burn.

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