Fund for Village

During January, it rained a lot in Cibening village, the road is broken and there were land slides in several areas. The local government and the community worked together to fix the road. With the fund from BNBP (National Board of Disaster Management) 68 Million Rupiah, the people fixed the road together hand in hand.

Rainy season has not ended yet, but the road is better now. People can use the road to ride their motorbikes and mini trucks to bring the crops to the market. There are some critical areas still need to be fixed too, but waiting the support from government.

The soil is clay with sand that is easily carried by rain water, there are no big trees beside the road which can protect it from land slides. On the right side of the road, the land is higher than the road and it is a paddy field and on the left side of the road, the land is lower and people plant the cassava on it.

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