How to Manage Money & Time

Not all students get pocket money from their parents, in addition the school is near their homes and there is no food stall sells snacks. The students who receive pocket money from their parents usually put their money in piggy banks at home.

Students are taught about how to make things from recycling, beside they can reuse the things they made but also they can sell them to their friends or their neighbors (like piggy banks from milk cans or to make pencil boxes from biscuit cans). Basically, the students are taught how to be creative and productive and not consumptive.

Learning to manage the pocket money is very good to be introduced from an early age. The easy thing to save their pocket money is the students can bring snacks for their break, and they can save their pocket money in their piggy bank at home.

Teachers and parents teach the same thing to the children, how to manage the time. Life in the village is very simple, but when children are not accustomed to school and home activities they can not enjoy their beautiful childhood.

“Saving a small amount soon builds up to a large amount” (Scottish proverb)

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