Local teaks in Bumisari Plantation

  • Edu in Bumisari plantation

About two hectares land was planted with teaks, mostly from Java, and combined with teaks from Thailand,

Malaysia, India, Philippine and Myanmar.

The Asian teak has some characteristics:

  • heartwood is brownies red in color. It darkens as it ages. Sometimes there are dark patches on it.
  • it has a strange scent in newly cut wood.
  • wood texture is hard and ring porous.
  • density is 720 kg/meter cube.

Teak is high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain make it particularly suitable where weather resistance is desired.

It is used in manufacture of outdoor furniture, indoor flooring, boat deck, cutting boards or veneer.

In Indonesia, teak is mostly used for furniture, window or door frames.

” Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple ” (Martin O’Melley)

 Edu in Bumisari plantation

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