Need New Balls

Last year, Goldteak gave several balls for Volley, Football and Sepak takraw. The balls have been using by students almost everyday. The balls are all broken and torn now, they need new balls.

SD Cibeureum does not have a large yard, students always take turns using the it, When they play Football today they will play Volley or Sepak takraw tomorrow.

Children and the neighbor are very noisy watching the students play in front of the school. Students play the games without wearing the sport wear, they still use school uniform and they put off their shoes. They use net and bamboo for lines for Volley and Sepak takraw. For Football they use plastic rope net for goal.

Little surprise to hear that female students are interested playing football, usually they play Volley and the male students play Football and Sepak takraw.

They do not see any gender differences in games or sports, for them sports make them healthy, happy, and they also practice how to be sportive.



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