Scouting Competition

This year SD Cibeureum sent several female students and 2 teachers to take part in the Scouting Competition in Sukabumi District.
Almost every Saturday, students always practice a variety of scouting activities, there were Semaphores using flags to send signals, Morse to communicate, put up tents or make Stretchers of bamboo and ropes.
This time the 2nd and 3rd grade students who took part in the competition, they were confident and showed that they were skilled in using flags and tied ropes to assemble bamboo stretchers and marching rows.
Unfortunately this time the male students did not participate, they were being prepared to take part in the science and math competition.
All felt happy and proud when the students came with 3 awards. The beginning of the school year will make students more eager to learn and practice even harder.
“A scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances” (Robert Baden-Powell)

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