Share the Classrooms

The children who are six or seven years old can enter the Elementary school, most of the small villages in Indonesia do not have any kinder garden.
Because there is no kindergarten in Cibening village, the children immediately sit in first grade. Early Childhood Education or PAUD is held by Islamic community to give more opportunities for the children to socialize, play and sing and to recognize the simple numbers, alphabet and Arabic letters/fonts.
In contrast to other schools that have complete study rooms, library, teacher’s room, there are even indoor and outdoor sports facilities. SD Cibeurem only has four classrooms for study and a room for the Principal & teachers’ office. Even now they only have three teachers to teach six groups or classes.
The students are get used to with sharing classroom and learn together with the same teacher. But they keep learning like students in other schools. At the end of the school year they also have to take the test and receive report cards from their learning.
Every day is the same, they come to school to study and the teachers always encourage to study by heart.

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