How many story books, science books, children magazines or children
encyclopedia have been given by PT Goldteak to SD Cibeurem?
There were a lot but it seems that the books were never enough for the
students. The 78 students should share about 10 to 15 books every month,
so no wonder at the end of the month the condition of the books were
very poor. The students are always enthusiastic to read and they always
wait ibu Dewi visits the school and read story (mostly fable in two
languages, Indonesian and English), she asked one of the students to join
her reading the story, when she reads the English version and the student
reads the Indonesian version. Ibu Dewi and the students usually sit at the
school porch, so younger children and people are able to hear the story too.

This activity has influenced the student’s intelligence, they can learn how
to comprehend the story, to identify the characters, to differentiate the
voice/tone and to respond or to retell. Step by step, students develop their
cognitive ability and social or emotional intelligence.

This year, Eneng Indriani won a storytelling competition in Sukabumi Regency,
she used a local language “Sundanese” to tell a story about “The Mouse-deer
Stole Cucumbers“. She told the story very well, her expression and her voice
showed different characters (as a mouse-deer, as a dog and as a farmer).
She is now on her grade five and she is one of the students who received the
advantage and benefit of PT Goldteak’s CSR, and she becomes a motivation for
other students.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”
(Robert McKee)



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