Teak Growing System

The main task of Teak Center is to develop genetically improved teak planting stock with the end objective of increasing the productivity of Perhutani’s teak forest plantations in particular and those of other teak growers interested in using improved teak planting stock produced by Perhutani (as Indonesian goverment company which has duty and authority to design a forest plan, forest management, forest commercial activities and forest preservation).

For this purpose the Teak Center has developed both short and long-term teak improvement programs. To support this great responsibility the availability of adequate resources is of paramount importance.

To implement its formulated policy and strategy Perhutani has been carrying out activities, among others as follows :

  1. Increasing the productivity of its teak plantations by using improved planting material (JPP) in combination with improved silviculture techniques.
  • Improvement of the company’s revenue by optimizing the land utilization.
  • Local Community empowerment.
  • Use of genetically improved teak planting stocks.
  1. Developing agribusiness and other activities to optimize the utilization of forest land and to reduce the disturbance of teak plantation.
  2. Implementing out-grower partnership schemes in teak planting.
  3. Improving the capability of the Teak Center in the development of JPP

Tissue Culture Laboratory

img_tissueThe laboratory of tissue culture produces tissue cultured plantlets of selected clones. The advantages of using cultured planting stocks among others:

  • Capturing genetic gain obtained from tree improvement program quickly and efficiently
  • Avoiding the difficulty of propagating certain genotypes conventionally
  • Increasing the multiplication rate of propagation


A Modern nursery facility is available in the teak center. Planting materials from tissue cultured plantlet, rooted cutting and seedling are raised for a certain period of time in the nursery before they are ready outplanting.


Hedge Garden

The existing hedge garden in the Teak Center was established using material from selected plus trees. The hedge garden provides rejuvenated shoots for developing rooted-shoot cutting.


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