The 3P Concept

It is amazing to see that our model is working!

The 3P: People, Planet and Profit concepts encourages us to make business decisions with a balance of the people related to our projects and the environment while enhancing our profit.



A core concept of GoldTeak is to hire guardians to care for our trees from the beginning. Most plantations put the trees in the ground and then leave them to grow knowing that even if a small portion of the trees grow properly they will profit. However, if you look at the top photo you will note that these trees are significantly smaller than the trees in the second photo. It is hard to believe that these trees were planted at the same time and are on land adjecent to the obviously healthy and large trees at the GoldTeak Bumisari Plantation.

Our 3P motivation can be described as the following:

  1. Jobs!: Need we say more? Giving local families housing and jobs actually helps the entire village… the workers spend their money in the village creating more income and growing their local economy in a healthy fashion (which will hopefully also reduce the possibility of theft when our trees become large enough to sell!).
  2. Spend more on People : Having guardians requires investment long before a profit is seen, however, in envisioning the long term results we can see that after 20 years the land in the second and last photos will produce a much healthier profit!.
  3. Larger trees mean more water and less CO2: Having larger and healthier trees allow the land to hold more water and also sequester more CO2, helping our environment combat Global warming!


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