GoldTeak Mission

The mission of the GoldTeak project is to create a project that will reduce poverty and global warming while generating an optimal profit for all share and stakeholders of GoldTeak. Our Aim is to incorporate the core values for Social, Environmental and Fiscal Responsibility that will carry equal weight in the creation and management of GoldTeak.

The definitions, as they relate to these projects, are as follows:

Social Responsibility

GoldTeak’s goal is to create jobs and opportunities for growth in the rural communities of developing nations. Adhering to the notion that welfare of the stakeholders should not be compromised and should carry equal weight in the management of the project to environmental and fiscal responsibility. This will be done through profit sharing schemes, community enhancement projects and long-term sustainability of the project through continual replanting of agriculture, income stabilization and retirement planning.

Environmental Responsibility

Our goal is to create multi-cultural plantations that are sustainable over the long-term. The GoldTeak will incorporate environmentally sound policies and to encourage sustainable development through sound environmental practices. This aspect is inherently incorporated into projects through adherence to the CDM and JI frameworks of the Kyoto Protocol. It assures that positive environmental results will not be compromised for the sake of greater profit and greater social value.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our goal is to generate long-term and continual profitability for all share and stakeholders in the project. The GoldTeak project will generate the highest profit possible while adhering to the conceptual equality of fiscal, social and environmental responsibility.

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