Learn to Farm

Ibu Dewi & Upiwater spinach planted by Upi

SD Cibeureum does not have a big yard, Goldteak suggested the school
to have a small vegetable garden beside the school, so the students could
learn how to plant the vegetables. Goldteak gave seeds like cucumber,
eggplant, chilly, water spinach or lettuce. Up to now, students still have
the garden in front of their school, they harvest together and they sell
the vegetables to the parents and they buy more seeds to plant again.
Upi is one of pak Parid’s son, he studies at The Junior High School
grade 9 in Cimanggala Village. When he studied at The Elementary School,
he was one of the best student. I still remember, every time I visited
teak plantation, Upi always followed me to go round the plantation to
check the trees. On the weekend, he often accompanies his father at the
vegetable garden in front of their house.

This time, Upi decided to open a very small piece of land, about 10 m2
near his house to plant Water spinach. He wanted to know whether he can
be a farmer like his father and his three brothers, Kusnadi, Aji and Dede.
It seems that he also wants to encourage his friends that farming is a good
activity for their spare time.

“ If the farmer is poor then so is the country “ (Polish Proverb)

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