Rainy Season 2019

Almost every day, rain falls in Cibening village, morning, afternoon or even all day long and all night long. Extreme weather is happening in the world and it comes also here. Heavy rain with lightning and thunder makes people are difficult to do their routines. They have to wait until the rain stop then they can go to work or go to school.

Teachers should turn on the lights in the classroom to make the rooms brighter then the students can study well. All students study in the classrooms, they can not use the school porch to study because rain makes the floor wet.
Not all students have umbrellas, usually they use taro leaves or banana leaves to go to school when it rains.

Sometimes they go home running under the rain, they are happy to be wet with bare feet. Playing under the rain is something special that they will remember when they grow.

 Pak Asep and ibu Nina, teachers, are preparing students to take part in a competition for elementary students next month in Bantargadung District. All students learn as usual, diligent and full of enthusiasm.

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